International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Guidelines for Comments

Publication of an application in the form of a Case is an invitation for any person to contribute comments, which may also be published. Comments on current Cases are published on this website. A list of open Cases and instructions on submitting articles to the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature are available.

Comments on Cases (either in support or against, or offering alternative solutions) should be submitted by e-mail to iczn [at] nus [dot] edu [dot] sg.

There is no specific format, but comments should not discuss personalities, should clearly depict advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution(s), and should be to the point. Please keep in mind the distinction between questions of nomenclature, which are in the jurisdiction of the ICZN, and taxonomy, much of which is not. Comments may be edited before publication.

If a Case is under consideration for voting (see List of open Cases) comments will not be accepted for publication and will only be sent to the Commission if they present substantive information that indicates the Case or previous Comments were incomplete or incorrect. Thus it is important to submit Comments in a timely manner. 

Authors should indicate their affiliations, postal and e-mail addresses and submit a statement of authorship. 

Because changes in nomenclature may concern the community at large (beyond the narrow circle of professional taxonomists), we welcome comments from people in education, conservation, industry, etc.