International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Manual for proposing a Part of the LAN

 The ‘Manual for proposing a Part of the List of Available Names in Zoology’ (in short: the Manual) was prepared by a Committee composed of three Commissioners (Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga, Philippe Bouchet, Richard Pyle) and an invited member (Nikita Kluge). It was thoroughly reviewed and commented by the Head of the ad-hoc Committee on the proposed candidate part LAN for the species-group taxa of Rotifera, Daphne Fautin. The final draft was further reviewed, corrected and finally approved in the Singapore meeting of the ICZN, on November 20th 2013. 

The Commission expects that this Manual is carefully read and followed by those preparing a proposal of a new part of the LAN, avoiding thus delays in the procedures. For further enquiries about the Manual or its contents, please contact Dr Alonso-Zarazaga or the Secretariat.

Click here to download the Manual (in PDF)