International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Nina Bogutskaya


Area of Taxonomic Interest: Ichthyology

Country: Russia


Elected: December 2006, see BZN 63 (4): 222–223.

 Since the start of her scientific career, Nina Bogutskaya has chiefly been focused on cypriniform fishes (Teleostei: Cypriniformes), which make up a major clade of freshwater fishes (over 3,200 species) with an almost continuous distribution across North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, and addressed their morphology, taxonomy, and phylogenetic relationships with special interest in the cyprinid subfamilies Leuciscinae and Barbinae worldwide. She has described a number of new species and genera of cyprinids, and dealt with the phylogenetic relationships of the subfamily Leuciscinae in particular detail and proposed the establishment of five (new) tribes. Many other groups of cypriniform fishes are currently under investigation, with the main emphasis on anatomy and ontogenetic development to resolve questions of taxonomy and systematics. She is also interested in the freshwater fishes of Eurasia; the distribution, and delineation of biological ‘ecoregions’; freshwater fish assemblages of the great river drainages and lake basins of the world; fish biodiversity and human impacts on it; and the zoogeography of the Palaearctic and East Asia. A major aspect of her research has been building a database that focuses on taxonomy, nomenclature, distribution, bibliography and collections of fishes of continental waters of Russia ( and the whole Palaearctic Realm and neighbouring regions. Among her contributions is the publication (together with A. Naseka) of Catalogue of agnathans and fishes of fresh and brackish waters of Russia with comments on nomenclature and taxonomy.

Summary of Research & Education:

Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in 1958, Nina Bogutskaya was educated at Leningrad University (Diploma in Biology, equivalent of MSc, in 1981). She got her Candidate of Sciences degree (equivalent of PhD) at Leningrad University and Zoological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1988 under the guidance of Anatole Svetovidov being the last student of this famous Russian ichthyologist. She had worked since then in the latter institution as a researcher in Laboratory of Ichthyology until she got a position of the Scientific Secretary of the Zoological Institute in 1997. The Institute (including its Museum) holds the largest zoological collection (some 60 million specimens) in Russia and is internationally recognised for its collection, including an extensive number of nomenclatural types. Over the past 6 years she has lectured in Systematic Ichthyology St. Petersburg State University. Currently, Nina Bogutskaya is in collaboration with the FishBase project (,Cypriniformes Tree of Life ( and FishBoL ( projects, and has been the principal investigator of a variety of research projects and the head of many expeditions supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Contact Details:

Nina Bogutskaya

Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
University emb. 1
St. Petersburg 199034
Tlf. +7-812-3280311
Fax +7-812-3282941
E-mail: office (at) zin (dot) ru